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It's Living Hope's 25th Anniversary!

$3,055                                                                 $25,000 goal


2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Living Hope Adoption Agency! We have much to celebrate as we reflect on the more than 1000 families who have adopted through Living hope. God has truly blessed Living Hope and in turn blessed many of you as you chose to be a forever family to a child in need.

Thank you very much for those who have made donation to Living Hope or have shared our fundraising campaign. We really appreciate it! Your support will help us in the following areas:

--Agency general operations. We try very hard to make the adoption as affordable as possible, even though many different costs (Licensing inspections, mailing, social worker training, audit...) have much increased in recent years.

--Develop new country programs. Living Hope has begun the process of expanding our adoption services to other countries in addition to our current China, Honduras, Uganda and Bulgaria programs. Your support will help us reach out to more orphaned children and find forever families for them!

--Agency grants for special needs and older child adoption. We particularly advocate for these children who are most in need by providing up to $4,000 agency grants. Your contribution can be designated to a specific child or adoptive family.

--Agency grants for adoptive families who have significant financial needs, either in the adoption process or post adoption. Your contribution can be designated to a specific child or adoptive family.

Please don't forget to share your adoption story. A short video will be lovely welcome! This will significantly help us raise awareness of international adoption, AND celebrate Living Hope's 25th Anniversary!

Thank you again for all your support.

--LHAA adoption team


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