Situated in Southeastern Europe, the Republic of Bulgaria is a beautiful country, shares borders with Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey. Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, and is member of the European Union.

Key Facts:
  • Official Name: Republic of Bulgaria
  • Capital City: Sofia
  • Major Cities: Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas
  • Polulation: ~7.1 million
  • Ethnic Makeup: Bulgarian (76.9%), Turkish (8%), Roma (4.4%) and others (10.7%)
  • Languages: Bulgarian (official), Turkish, Roma (minority)
  • Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
  • Religion: Orthodox Christianity is the dominant

Living Hope Adoption Agency has been approved by the Bulgarian central adoption authority to provide international adoption from Bulgaria. Living Hope currently partners with ANIDO Association, a licensed agency in Bulgaria who has been facilitating international adoption since 2003. If you are interested inadopting from Bulgaria, please call our agency for the current time frame. Our agency will assist and guide you through each step of the adoption process including: obtaining a home study assessment, gathering necessary documents for Bulgarian government approval, applying for immigration approval, travel planning, receiving your child in Bulgaria and completing the adoption process both in Bulgaria and in the U.S.

Program Overview::
  • Bulgaria is a Hague Convention country where the Ministry of Justice oversees all adoptions in Bulgaria.
  • Children of either gender are eligible for adoption, and range in age from toddler to older child.
  • Children come from different ethnic groups and the majority of children available for adoption are of Roma descent.
  • Adoptees may be healthy or have various special needs. Healthy older child (7 years of age or above) or sibling groups can be considered as special needs adoption.
  • Wait time for a referral of a child varies based on the age and special needs of child.
  • Two trips are required to finalize the adoption in Bulgaria. In the first trip, both prospective adoptive parents (if married) are required to travel to visit the child for 5 business days and sign a commitment letter to adopt the child; in the second trip, only one parent needs to travel to Bulgaria for about two weeks to pick up the child, apply for the child’s passport, get the official medical exam and obtain the child’s U.S. visa.
  • Post-adoption reports are required at 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months after the adoption is finalized.
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