Age of Prospective Adoptive Parents

Prospective adoptive parents are required to be between the ages of 25 and 60. Prospective adoptive parents are eligible to apply for adoption six months to one year before their 25th birthday. There must be 15 years between the age of the child and the ages of both parents. There should also be no more than 15 years age difference between husband and wife.

Marital Status

Married couples and single women may adopt from Honduras. At this time, Honduras is not accepting single male applicants. Married couples must be married for a minimum of three years. No more than two divorces are permitted per prospective adoptive parent.

Children in the Home

Families having more than three children under the age of 18 already living in the home must show ability to add another child. For the Honduras Standard Program, the youngest child in the home must be the adopted child.


The minimum household income must meet the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) poverty guidelines. Families must demonstrate financial stability and the ability to adequately provide financial care for a child or children until adulthood. A family’s income and full financial status will be evaluated as part of the adoption process.

Criminal History

Adoptive applicants must disclose all criminal and drug history. Any criminal and drug history will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Medical and Psychological History

Adoptive applicants must demonstrate that they are physically, psychologically, and mentally fit to parent a child by adoption. A letter from a licensed physician and a psychological report will be required of each applicant and included in the family’s home study report.

Post Adoption

Honduras requires:

  • 4 post adoption reports to be completed during the first year following the adoption finalization
  • 2 post adoption reports to be completed in the second year following adoption finalization
  • 1 report annually until the child or children reaches the age of 18 years old

Post adoption reports must be completed at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months from the date of adoption finalization and completed in the home by a licensed agency.


2 trips to Honduras are required to finalize the adoption but the length of each may vary according to each family’s situation:

  • The first trip will last approximately 5-7 days and during the first trip, parents will meet their child, spend two days at DINAF to complete a family interview and psychological evaluation, and go to court to file for a birth certificate. Two to four months after the first trip, parents will travel to Honduras for the second trip.
  • The second trip will last approximately 6-7 weeks, during which parents will finalize the adoption through court processing. Once court is finalized, parents are given direct custody of the child, but they are not able to travel out of the country until the child’s birth certificate is signed in front of the judge in court and the judge gives their ruling and until the completion of immigration processing which entails waiting for the child’s visa from U.S. Consulate (after receiving their birth certificate). Thus one parent must remain in the country to care for the child. This process takes approximately 2 weeks.

LHAA will be coordinating travel arrangements to Honduras but families have the option of coordinating their own travel arrangements should they choose to do so.

For married couples, both parents are required to travel for the first trip and both parents are required to travel for at least the first week (approximately) of the second trip. Once both parents have completed the necessary court processing on the second trip, one parent is able to return to the U.S.

According to the U.S. Citizenship Act, your child will become a United States Citizen automatically upon entry into the United States.