faq's for uganda adoptions

How long does it take to complete the home study portion of the adoption?

Generally a home study can be completed in 6 to 8 weeks. For families using an agency, other than Living Hope Adoption Agency, to complete their home study, this may vary.

How long does it take to collect documents for the dossier?

Most families are able to put together their dossier in approximately 3 months.

Do we work with a government entity in Uganda?

There is no government agency that oversees adoptions in Uganda.

How long is the adoption process from application to referral?

Depending on the gender and age of the child desired, generally referrals are made within 8-9 months of application.

What ages of children are available for adoption in Uganda?

There is a need for families for boys and girls including toddlers and older children. Parents must be prepared in every international adoption to parent a child with developmental delays and minor medical issues. With that being said, there are children available for adoption in Uganda who can be considered healthy, as well as children who have medical special needs.

Are singles eligible to adopt from Uganda?

Only single females are eligible to adopt, and they must adopt female children.

Are prospective adoptive parents required to travel to Uganda?

Yes, prospective adoptive parents must travel to Uganda for court.

How many trips to Uganda are required to finalize the adoption?

Families can choose to make one long trip of approximately 9 weeks or 2 shorter trips, where the first trip is approximately 10 days and the second trip is approximately 4 weeks.

Who coordinates travel arrangements?

The Uganda Program Coordinator will make in country travel arrangements including lodging and arranging for transportation. Airline tickets can be purchased by the family or by Living Hope Adoption Agency’s Travel Coordinator.

Will an English-speaking staff member be available during travel in Uganda?

English is spoken in Uganda, making communication with government officials, your attorney, driver, and service staff very easy.

What are the post-adoption requirements after the finalization of the adoption?

Families are required to submit three post adoption reports, completed by a social worker, at 6, 12 and 24 months after placement. Following that, families must submit annual, self-written updates until their child reaches the age of 18.

Will my child be adopted abroad?

In order to legally adopt a child in Uganda, Uganda law requires prospective adoptive parents to foster the child for three years. However, Ugandan law also allows for prospective adoptive parents to be granted permanent legal guardianship of a child without meeting the fostering requirement. When you travel to Uganda for court, you will be petitioning the court for permanent legal guardianship of the child. You will then be required to return home and finalize the adoption of your child in a court of your home state.

What is a Homeland visit and what are the requirements?

There are several different judges who oversee legal guardianship cases in Uganda. Some judges have been known to require Homeland visits in their rulings. Others do not. A Homeland visit is where the adoptive parents bring their child back to Uganda to be seen by the Registrar of the Court. Some judges require that this be done every 5 years until the child turns 18. Others require that parents bring their child back every 3 years. There is no way to determine which Judge will hear a case, so families must be willing to accept the possibility that they may be required to bring their child back to Uganda every three years for a Homeland visit.

What happens if a family declines a referral?

The prospective adoptive family must submit a letter providing a reason as to why they are declining the child. The Adoption Committee will then decide whether or not the family will be eligible to receive another referral.

According to Ugandan law, do I have to reside in the country to adopt?

Yes, in 2016 Uganda updated their Children's Amendment Act to require prospective adoptive parents to reside in Uganda for a period of one year before being eligible to finalize the adoption