For Prospective Adoptive Parents

LHAA understands that adoption can be a little bit intimidating for new families so we have compiled some helpful tips from our very own adoption team along with a handy dandy general adoption timeline!

Helpful Tips

  1. Do your research on which country or countries you would be interested in adopting from, and narrow it down to maybe 1-2 countries that you qualify to adopt from (each country has its own set of requirements).
  2. Continue your research to find adoption agencies that offer the country or countries of interest as one of their programs.  Keep in mind that you will be working with this adoption agency for quite some time.
  3. When reviewing a child’s referral or discussing the needs of a child, trust your gut.
  4. Educate yourself on the adoption-related resources available in your area.
  5. Practice effective self advocacy.
  6. Have fun meeting other adoptive families either in your area or online.
  7. Remember to put yourself in your adopted child’s shoes and walk backwards every once in awhile.
  8. Become culturally competent.
  9. Be somewhat realistic and flexible but most all, enjoy the ride.

Handy Dandy General Adoption Timeline