Eli: From an Ayi’s Perspective

Those closest to us are often the ones who are experts at highlighting the very best in us. The caregivers in China spend a lot of time with our children and love them dearly. These caregivers are very good at reporting the facts, but they can be very eloquent in their descriptions as well. Eli is a twelve-year-old boy whom is completely deaf. One of his caregivers wrote about him for his file and the way he spoke about Eli was so beautiful we decided to share it with you.

Eli pic 1

*The following report was edited for length and clarity.*

If the world lacked sound, what would life be? Can you imagine: you cannot hear the water flowing, the birds singing, cars ringing; life would be like a silent movie. Eli lives like this.

Eli’s characteristics are a little unique from other children. Since he cannot hear, he depends more on his other senses to observe the world. Eli’s imagination is very healthy—better than most! Because he cannot hear, Eli pays more attention to inner feelings and he has stronger observations and feelings of objects. When you write with pen and paper to communicate with Eli, he will watch you carefully, think carefully about your words, and then write an answer to you. If you use simple communication with Eli, he will observe your facial expressions, speaking, and gestures to guess what you are saying and he will then make a sound and do some gestures to respond. Although Eli cannot use his ears and mouth to find, feel, and record the beautiful world, he can use his eyes.

God closes one gate, and then leaves another window open. We believe that Eli can have a colorful and beautiful life.

Eli enjoys playing with toys, such as jigsaw puzzles, and playing sports, like jump-rope, ping-pong, and badminton.  He also loves computer games, and when he plays them he shows off his impressive coordination in his hands, eyes, and mind. He can set up a QQ image and, like other children his age, he likes games such as “League of Legends” and “Legend of Aoqi.”

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