Meeting Maria

Jun 06, 2014 Living Hope Adoption

I’ve thought about writing the story of meeting my sister Maria for years, but have found it so difficult to put all my thoughts, memories and feelings into words. My parents had always discussed adoption very openly when I was growing up, and shared any stories they could with me. Interestingly, I can’t remember a specific time when I learned I was adopted, but believe me, I was proud. My parents were my parents, forever, and that’s really all I cared about. I always knew I had at least 3 older biological brothers and sisters, and one twin sister. My sister and I were separated at birth, and adopted to two different families, but that’s all I knew. We didn’t know where she lived, so my Christmas lists always had a place reserved to ask for “my twin sister.” I was fortunate to have a younger sister, Alexandra, in my life, but did find myself longing to learn more about my twin. Wondering where she was, did she look like me, and where did she live?

On vacations I would always look around and wonder “does that girl look like me?”

“Oh my God. That was my sister.”

My family and friends celebrated with me as Maria and I began talking on Skype, calling each other, and just catching up on everything we’d missed over the past 19 years. Then, we planned. I couldn’t wait another minute to meet my Twinny, so my family and I made the trip back to Greece during the summer of 2007. To say I was anxious is an understatement. I was a lunatic.

My family made matching shirts for the occasion, and we were ready to “Meet Maria” on July 1, 2007!

After spending some time in Athens, we traveled about five hours to a town close to my sister’s. We had arranged to meet Maria and her parents at a restaurant, and met her dad up the street first. As he hugged me and told me not to cry (between tears of his own) he led us down the street to where Maria and her mom were waiting.

Nothing, nothing could have prepared me to see Maria for the first time. I couldn’t move, speak, or react. She was literally the same person as me. We moved the same, laughed alike…everything. Here’s the first glimpse we had of her:

All I remember was hugging her so tightly, just in awe of what was happening. I was in Greece, holding onto my sister like she would disappear if I didn’t hug her tight enough. We sat down with our family, our one big family, and immediately began comparing ourselves to the other. Same hands, same eyes, same nose. My life was changed forever.

Here we are the same place we met, 4 years later.