Home Studies

services_1Home Studies for Adoptions through Living Hope Adoption Agency

To help facilitate the adoption of your child, Living Hope offers home studies in Pennsylvania and Florida.

If you already have a completed home study in your state and want to proceed with an adoption, through Living Hope Adoption Agency, please contact Elizabeth Cleary, for more information.  Email: ecleary@livinghopeadoption.org

What is a Home Study?

The home study is not only a document necessary for any adoption; it is a process as well. The home study process is an in-depth look into the family life of the applicants. The purpose of the home study is to offer an explanation as to the suitability of an applicant as an adoptive parent, as well as approval to adopt from a home study professional. Areas of investigation include, but are not limited to: health, marriage, parenting techniques, home environment, community, childhood, etc.

What does the Home Study process entail?

The prospect of a home study can be a very intimidating endeavor, as it entails having a complete stranger investigating every aspect of an applicant’s life, and then make a determination on the findings. However, do not despair! Our home study social workers are trained professionals who understand the stresses involved in the adoption process, and who will make the home study process easy and comfortable for the adopting family.

The home study process begins with an in-office interview of both applicants.  The applicants will also be interviewed separately during another visit. Next comes the home visit – the social worker will visit your home at a convenient time when all household members are present. During the home visit, the social worker will explore the home and verify that it is a safe environment for a child. Once the interviews, home visit, and all paperwork are completed, the social worker will then be able to write the home study document.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPaperwork? More Paperwork!

Living Hope Adoption Agency will provide you with a checklist of the paperwork necessary to complete the home study process. Our social workers will work individually with you as you gather the necessary documents. Many documents needed for the home study are also needed for program-specific adoption paperwork.

The Actual Document

The home study document ultimately approves a family to adopt. If approved, the home study document is sent to either the placing agency /primary provider or the International Adoption Agency, USCIS, and the country from which you are adopting.

Can Living Hope Adoption Agency conduct my Home Study for International Adoption?

Most likely, Living Hope Adoption Agency can conduct your home study. We are a licensed, non-profit adoption agency in the State of Pennsylvania and Florida. We meet the requirements of Pennsylvania, Florida, USCIS, other agencies, and numerous countries. Our international studies include, but are not limited to: China, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Uganda, Haiti, India, and Bulgaria.

Can Living Hope Adoption Agency Conduct my Home Study for Domestic Adoption?

Yes. Living Hope Adoption Agency can conduct your domestic adoption home study.  We are a licensed, non-profit adoption agency in the state of Pennsylvania and Florida.  We meet the requirements of Pennsylvania, Florida, and many other agencies.


After the application fee of $300, the home study fee for families adopting through an agency other than LHAA is $1800.