Application Process

Step 1: View children available for hosting on our photo listings. There will be a brief bio on each child.
Step 2: Select a child you believe may be a good fit for your family. Our coordinator is available to talk with you more in depth about the needs of the child and to prepare you with some realistic expectations. It is important to provide a loving, nurturing, and safe environment, and for the child to experience the love of a family that he or she may have never known.
Step 3: We will place the child you select “On Hold” for 48 hours.
Step 4: Submit your $500.00 non-refundable hosting deposit (payable to Living Hope Adoption Agency and mail to Living Hope Adoption Agency, Orphan Hosting Program, P.O. Box 579, Fort Washington, PA 19034 or call the office for credit card payment) within 48 hours of placing child on hold.
Step 5: Complete hosting application and return it along with supporting documents (photocopy of driver’s license, marriage certificate, current home and auto insurance, and a family photo) to LHAA within 7 business days of placing child on hold. Once we receive your application and deposit, child is considered “Hosted”.
Step 6: Schedule Home Safety Visit and Statewide Criminal Record/FBI Fingerprint/Child Abuse background checks. Send original signed copy of home safety visit report and all background check results to LHAA. These can take some time, so plan to do them right away.
Step 7: Submit hosting fees according to schedule.
Step 8: Complete a mandatory online pre-hosting training course (the Hague Package China Edition through Adoption Learning Partners at
Step 9: Write a brief welcome letter (include photos) to the child. Our coordinator will translate and send it to the child prior to his or her arrival.
Step 10: Prepare for your precious child to arrive.
Step 11: Greet your hosted child at the arrival airport and enjoy a life-changing experience!