If your questions regarding China adoptions or Living Hope’s adoption process have not been addressed above, please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 215-540-8999. 

What are the qualifications for adopting a child from China?

Please review the Chinese Adoption Requirements page to read the list of requirements that qualify you to adopt from China. 

How long does it take to adopt a child from China?

The China adoption process can be broken down into two parts.

  1. Complete your home study and dossier. This is basically a portfolio of documents required by both the US government and The People’s Republic of China.  On average, the entire dossier takes about 5-6 months to complete.
  2. Submit your dossier to The People’s Republic of China. This will begin the adoption proceedings. The time it takes from the dossier submission to child match varies. Please contact the agency for the most current wait time. When your child match has been identified, you will be personally notified, and will travel to China within four-eight weeks to bring home your child.

Do you facilitate China adoptions outside of Pennsylvania?

Yes! Requests frequently come from other states.

Do you perform home studies outside of Pennsylvania?

Living Hope is capable of performing home studies in Pennsylvania and Florida with a 3 hour radius of our office locations.  If you reside outside of these two states, we will assist you in locating a home study agency after you have applied and contacted our agency.

What if I already have a completed home study?

Please contact us for more information:

Can I adopt more than one child at a time from China?

This varies based on each family’s circumstance as well as the child/children they desire to adopt.  Please contact LHAA for more information regarding this.

What ages are available? Are boys available?

Typically, children available for adoption in China’s Waiting Child Program are between the ages of nine months and thirteen years old. Both boys and girls are available for adoption.  Please call our agency today to receive updated information on children currently available in the program. 

What is a “Waiting Child”?

Children become part of the Waiting Child Program for many reasons.  Some children have special needs which include physical, emotional, or developmental disabilities.  Waiting children often need a higher level of commitment and or skills from their adoptive parents.  

What kind of special needs do Waiting Children have?

The special needs of the children in the Waiting Child Program vary.  We would be happy to provide families with a list of the special needs we often see. They include physical, emotional and developmental needs.  Each family determines for themselves which needs they are equipped to care for when adopting a child.  

How can I find out about children currently in your program?

If you know you want to adopt a waiting child, and would like to hear about the available children waiting for families, you must first apply to Living Hope Adoption Agency.  Once your application is approved, you will be contacted about the children on our Waiting Child List.

Waiting Child List

In order to protect the privacy of the waiting children and our families, Living Hope Adoption Agency has implemented a secure site for families to view the available children. View the list of waiting children eligible or adoption here.

How do I know if my family can meet the needs of a child with special needs?

It is important to have the child’s medical information reviewed by a specialist.  We are not medical professionals, so it is your responsibility to make sure you fully understand the child’s special needs, and what their care will entail. As you consider the care and planning that goes into adopting a child with special needs we highly recommend you consider discussing your options with a hospital’s International Adoption Health Team as can be found at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Must I travel to China and for how long?

Rather than chaperones bringing your child to the USA, China does require you to travel there to receive your child. Only one parent is required to travel; however both are encouraged to go.   The trip takes approximately 14 days.  However, optional sightseeing can add three days to the trip.  Family members or friends may also travel along as a source of support.

Who will handle my travel arrangements?

Living Hope Adoption Agency organizes your international and domestic flights, lodging, ground transportation within China, all adoption paperwork pertaining to travel, and any optional sightseeing. 

Will there be assistance in China? Who will I be travelling with?

Our facilitators will escort your group throughout the entire trip. They are very familiar with the people, language, customs, and China adoption process.  Adoptive families travel individually with our facilitators and sometimes with other families depending on how many LHAA adoptions are occurring simultaneously.

Will my child be a United States citizen?

All immigration paperwork is completed prior to travelling to China.  After the adoption process is completed in China and a family returns to America the child automatically becomes a US citizen when landing in America.  A citizenship certificate will be delivered to your home within two months of your homecoming.

Do I need to be a US citizen to adopt a child through Living Hope?

At least one of the parents must be a US citizen for the adoption to be processed through our agency.

If I was ever arrested, do I need to disclose it on our application?

When an adoptive family applies to the United States Immigration, the FBI will locate all past arrest records. If an arrest was not disclosed on the original application, it will jeopardize the family’s approval with Living Hope Adoption Agency, their home study agency, and US immigration.

What are my first steps in the adoption process?

Review our China Program Requirements. If you meet them all, check out our fee schedule and fill out and sign our adoption application. Send the application to Living Hope Adoption Agency along with a photo of you and your family (or just you if applicable) and the application fee.  We will process your application and if you are approved, we will forward you a contract.  You will then sign and notarize the contract and mail it to Living Hope with the contract fee.  Upon receipt of your contract fee we will forward you an adoption workbook and you will begin the adoption process.